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Natural birth doula, HypnoBirthing and birth photographer serving Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey,  

Labor Doula Support

Description on what a doula is and how she can meet the needs of couples during labor and birth in South Jersey.  

Labor Doula Services

As a Certified Labor Doula (CLD) in the South Jersey/Philadelphia region, I am a trained and experienced birth professional who guides and supports families during one of the most important times in their lives- pregnancy and labor/birth.

Birth is Better When You Don’t Feel Alone

As much as having a baby is pure joy and a dream come true, the idea of birth can also feel scary and overwhelming to most people. There are so many negative perceptions of birth, but I truly believe that a positive birth can be experienced by all if they have a supportive birth team.

Having a dedicated support companion can change your experience in an amazing way. Making a laboring mother feel comfortable, respected, heard and honored is my goal as a Doula.

Birth is better when you don’t feel alone or afraid, and with the constant support of your partner and a Doula, this can change everything.

My dream is that every woman, everywhere, will know the JOy of a truly safe, comfortable and satisfying birthing for herself and her baby..png

A Doula Guides You to Have an Easier Birth

  • Stands by a family’s side during your entire birthing and acts as a birth guide that listens, comforts, reassures, encourages and cares

  • Honors and helps to protect your special birthing day

  • Provides information during pregnancy and helps to translate medical terms and various situations that may arise during labor and birth

  • Helps coordinate prenatal resources for optimal health in pregnancy

  • Provides physical and emotional comfort measures in labor

  • Helps couples determine their vision for birth and encourages them to advocate for their birth wishes and supports their choices

  • Helps couples feel informed in their decision-making process and ensures that they are able to maintain autonomy in the choices they make surrounding their baby’s birth day

  • Supports the birth partner so that they are confident to help Mom during labor and relieves their pressure to be the sole support for her during labor and birth

  • Ensures that couples are adjusting well as a new family after birth and that breastfeeding is off to a smooth start

Benefits of Hiring a Labor Doula

It has been medically documented that the presence of a Doula can positively impact the birth experience, providing countless benefits for Mom, Partner and Baby.

  • Mom achieves a more comfortable birth with less fear

  • Shortens the length of labor

  • Requests less pain medication and reduces the use of epidurals

  • Less inductions and augmentations of labor

  • Fewer assisted births with forceps or vacuum

  • Lower chance of Cesarean Birth (see New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s c-section rates).

  • Increases the chance of a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

  • Higher satisfaction of a Mom’s birth outcome

  • Decreases the rate of postpartum depression

benefits of doula.jpg

Still Have Questions?

If you’re wondering about the details, there are answers!

  • Is a Doula worth the financial investment?

  • Are Doulas only beneficial for those trying for a natural birth?

  • I’m having a Midwife, is a Doula still necessary?

  • How is payment made?

  • What happens if my Doula gets injured or sick?