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Natural birth doula, HypnoBirthing and birth photographer serving Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey,  

Services & Packages

Labor Doula Packages

I’m so very honored that you would consider bringing me on as part of your birth support team! Each family I serve receives my total dedication and support. You will find different packages that will hopefully suit your unique needs, in addition to A La Carte options that are available to add to your chosen package.  

As a quick note, 50% of the package fee that you select is required in order to be added to my calendar. The remaining 50% must be paid by week 36. Unfortunately, I am not able to go on-call for a client until payment has been made in full. I understand individual payment needs may vary and am willing to offer a payment plan.

Labor Doula Packages Include:

  • A FREE, no-obligation consultation (either by phone, FaceTime or if need be, in person) and discussion of how you and your partner believe I can be most helpful

  • 100% support from start to finish: via phone/text/email support anytime, throughout pregnancy, to discuss any pregnancy-related issues you may be experiencing, whether they be fears or any concerns

  • Being on-call for your birth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 37 weeks until your baby arrives

  • 100% in-person, hands-on support throughout labor, from home to hospital or birth center

  • 2 hours immediate postpartum and lactation support, to assist with getting breastfeeding off on the right start

  • HypnoBirthing guided imagery and visualizations (if so desired)

Pre-Birth Preparation Sessions

Pre-Birth Preparation Sessions are when I come for an in-home visit, up to 60 minutes, where we get to know each other better and I can help relieve stress and fear.  These visits are typically done around your 28-30th week and again at around your 34-36th week. During these sessions, I will:

  • Meet with you and your partner to discuss priorities, fears, concerns and questions surrounding your upcoming birthing day

  • Help you discover your birth preferences and compile them into a Birth Plan

  • Teach and help you practice labor positions and birthing techniques

  • Conduct a fear release & relaxation session, if so desired.

  • Conduct a “comfort touch” gentle massage to increase comfort to aching and tense muscles, if so desired

In-Home Postpartum Visits

Within 5 days of you arriving home (or if you’re already at home, 5 days of your baby’s birth), I will come to your home to check on you and your partner to see how you’re adjusting with baby.  These visits last up to 2 hours.  During these visits, I will:

  • Provide lactation support and troubleshooting

  • Simple meal preparation

  • Start a load of laundry and fold

  • Allow Mom/Dad to sneak in a quick nap or shower, while I cuddle with your sweet one and/or watch older siblings

For your convenience, I offer 4 Doula packages. Packages start at $650. Please contact me for my current Labor Doula Price Guide.

Pure Bliss

  • 2 In-Home Birth Preparation sessions

  • 20-30 professional birth images

  • Access to lending library of birth books

  • 4 In-Home Postpartum Visits


  • 2 In-Home Birth Preparation Sessions

  • 20-30 professional birth images

  • Access to lending library of birth books

  • 1 In-Home Postpartum Visits


  • 2 In-Home Birth Preparation Sessions

  • Access to lending library of birth books

  • 1 In-Home Postpartum Visit


  • Up to 2 Virtual Birth Preparation Sessions, by Skype/Facetime

  • This package is designed for families who have previously had at least 1 relatively uncomplicated vaginal birth. It includes basic labor support and has less prenatal and postpartum support.

Optional Add-Ons for Doula & HypnoBirthing Clients Only:

  • Additional In-Home Birth Preparation Session

  • Additional In-Home Postpartum Visit

  • Photography Mini Portrait Sessions (Maternity/Familyt)- 6 hand crafted images, 30 minutes