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Natural birth doula, HypnoBirthing and birth photographer serving Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey,  

South Jersey HypnoBirthing, Birth and Postpartum Doula and Photographer

This page is an introduction of who Ebony Banks is, South New Jersey doula, photographer and HypnoBirthing educator.  

Meet New Jersey HypnoBirthing® Educator: Ebony Banks


Hello there!  I’m Ebony Banks!  I’m a wife to Chuck and mom to 5 beautiful children.  I’m originally from sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Being a military family for the past several years, we have lived some of everywhere!  From California and Washington State on the west coast, to New Jersey on the east coast. Most recently, our adventures entailed us living abroad in Yokosuka, Japan, which was such an exciting experience for me and my family!  We’ve been back in New Jersey since Summer 2016.  

Photos Courtesy of Jamie Meile Photography

Photos Courtesy of Jamie Meile Photography

So a little about me...well I had no idea that life would lead my down the path of finding my truth passion!  I obtained a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) right out of college and thought I would go on to climb the corporate ladder.  However, when we were stationed in San Diego and became pregnant with our first baby, things would never be the same!  It started when I took a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education class, as I knew I wanted to “try” to birth my baby naturally and first saw a video on this childbirth method I’d never heard of on  I quickly signed my hubs and I up for a class, which we attended for 5 Saturdays (sometimes with him coming straight after a 24+ hour work day).  Chuck was very supportive and it helped that the class was so informative and practical.  We were very grateful to have used it to prepare for our baby’s birthing day!  It really helped to reduce the amount of anxiety and fear I was experiencing, as well as it shot my confidence level through the roof!  Because I’d go on to really embrace the HypnoBirthing philosophy, I could look at my impending birth right in the “eyes” and not flinch!

And guess what?  With all of my labors and births, I didn’t feel the excruciating pain that every one says you’re supposed to have!  I knew it was because of the HypnoBirthing techniques and philosophy I had embraced and I’ve been spreading the HypnoBirthing love to all of my pregnant girlfriends ever since.  I've been certified to teach Mongan Method HypnoBirthing since February 2014 and am a Certified Labor Doula with CAPPA.  I also trained with DONA as a postpartum doula and am currently an Evidence Based Birth® Professional Member.  

Because of my motherhood journey, I’ve developed a genuine passion for helping mothers cultivate their innate birthing and mothering abilities and I hope to inspire and empower expecting moms to imagine, plan for and design the beautiful birth of their dreams. My approach is nurturing, tender and caring and it’s my desire to do whatever I can to ensure your comfort and care, in addition to making sure that you are well informed to make the best decision for you and your baby.

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